Renaissance Science and the Overpopulation Problem

Renaissance Science and the Overpopulation Problem 1

The 5th Century BCE logician, Anaxagoras, become a relevant determine the development of the Classical Greek Era’s life technology. The Harvard/NASA High Energy Astrophysics Division Library has published papers arguing that this lifestyle’s science turned into based upon fractal geometrical logic. During the 5th Century, St Augustine categorized such pagan lifestyles technology mathematics as being the work of satan. This correctly denied its re-emergence until the present time when the fractal lifestyles power theories of the engineer Buckminster Fuller, derived from Plato’s banished mathematical research, were functioning inside the DNA. Fuller’s global view absolutely challenged the fixed world view’s knowledge of generic electricity. Fuller’s work has become fundamental to a new clinical life science institute set up using the three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry.

Renaissance Science and the Overpopulation Problem 2

Plato had written that engineers who did now not apprehend his religious engineering ideas were like warlike barbarians who were now not fit to be called philosophers. As ethical mathematics has been divorced from the existing technological know-how physics for almost 16 hundred years, it’s far essential to explain that for hundreds of years, well, that means aesthetical considerations were no actual substitute for the lost Greek ethical physics standards. This statement demands authoritative reference, as it’s far alternatively offensive to demean sincere attempts using scientists who strove to act or assume ethically.

In 1990, Edward Husserl’s publication on natural logic listed the mathematician Bernard Bolzano as one of the international’s finest logicians. German scientists lately rediscovered Bolzano’s Theory of science, which had been built via correcting the Aesthetics theories of Emmanuel Kant. Through pc extrapolation, they determined that Bolzano had based his correction upon the fractal good judgment. In 1991 the Cambridge University Press published the German scientist J Alberto Coffa’s reaction to Bolzano’s correction of Kant’s paintings. In the ebook entitled The Semantic Tradition from Kant to Carnap. To the Vienna Station, edited with the aid of Linda Wessels, is the subsequent paragraph “Kant had no longer even seen those troubles; Bolzano solved them. And his solutions were made feasible via, and have been the supply of, a brand new approach to the content and individual of a priori information.” Therefore, it may be fairly argued that Plato’s moral nonsecular engineering standards need to now not had been banished from technological know-how within the first region.

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Our gift medical international view is barbaric because it’s far incorrectly governed with the aid of a strong law that prohibits the life of any existence technological know-how being related to the functioning of prevalent ethics-based totally upon fractal logic. We can now evaluate the antique engineering common sense concerning solutions to, say, the problem of overpopulation, to the new fractal logic life technological know-how. Thomas Malthus’ well-known Population essay turned into primarily based upon the nonsecular teachings of St Thomas Aquinas, the thrust of which have become synonymous with the entropic 2d law of thermodynamics, now governing all of science.

Charles Darwin mentioned Mathus’s Population paper as the premise for his existing science theory of evolution. A ttypicalentropic way to the poverpopulation problemis that nature will discover a manner to cull the population. On the other hand, good judgment is now supplying numerous truth models that allude to new technologies imparting greater moral considerations.

Animal and vegetable fatty acids mixed with minerals in prehistoric clays to shape liquid crystal optical mineral soaps. Crystalline structures evolved when subjected to cosmic radiation, defying the common sense of cutting-edge entropic life technological know-how. For example, the Jasper crystal boom produces Mumford fractals. Mainstream technological know-how accepts that a property of fractal logic is that it extends to infinity. Plato’s spiritual or holographic optical engineering concepts seem to were instigated via nature for some absolutely unknown future reason. Human Swarm Technology alludes to various possibilities past the capacity of cutting-edge technological know-how to even begin to recognize, echoing Emmanuel Kant’s inability to conceive of the issues that Bolzano solved.

Renaissance Science and the Overpopulation Problem 3

In 1462 Cosimo Medici mounted the rebirth of the outlawed Platonic Academy in Florence and appointed Marsilio Ficino as its founder. Ficino’s fundamental concept, derived from Plato’s geometry, was about the existence of everlasting wisdom of the immortal soul being principal to the universe’s functioning. The handiest geometrical common sense that may probably accommodate such a concept is fractal common sense, which, in the 20th Century technological know-how could not be linked to any kind of life technological know-how whatsoever.

Did the Medici students of the fifteenth Century fee Italian artists to vicinity hidden messages of pagan technological know-how into artwork that are now used to broaden pagan technology these days? An alternatively robust case argues that that is pretty accurate. We can investigate to analyze two pieces of artwork commissioned with the aid of the Medici scholars, Sandro Botticelli and Domenico Ghirlandaio. Both the artwork was finished in Florence at some point in 1480.

Botticelli played an instead dangerous game through his addiction otopainting prominent Christian figures into the fabric of global-view reality. In his painting of St Augustine in His Study, Botticelli changed into honestly flirting with disaster. He disregarded Augustine’s category of the Pythagorean celestial mathematics embracing Epicurus’ atomic structure inside the human metabolism as the work of the Devil. By portray a round brass ebook stud to depict the atom of the soul, Botticelli cautiously positioned it into the orbit of Augustine’s halo, which, as a symbol of cognizance, connected divine reasoning with the Music of the Spheres. It is not unusual to understand that Botticelli’s Graces danced to the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres, imitating divine purpose and cosmic order.

There isn’t any doubt about the heretical that means of the painting. An ebook in the back of Augustine’s head is absolutely opened to display a web page of Pythagorean mathematics. To the right an astrolabe for gazing celestial our bodies are depicted and to the left is an armillary sphere, that is a version of celestial motion. Augustine’s concentrated gaze is directed upon the celestial movement model depicting a geometer in the deep philosophical idea. Celestial movement moving divine evolving wisdom to the soul via harmonic resonance describes the medical ethos of the third Century BCE science of popular love. The scientist Giordano Bruno taught approximately this at Oxford University earlier than he was imprisoned, tortured and burnt alive120 years after Botticelli painted his now-famous portrait the same hidden message.

Renaissance Science and the Overpopulation Problem 4

Ghirlandaio’s pportrayalof St Jerome in his Study depicts Augustine’s ffifth-centurycolleague, who balso becamea distinguished figure in the Christian religion. We realize that Botticelli did now not region his round photo ebook stud into Augustine’s halo by way of mere risk because the device became very carefully repeated by Ghirlandaio putting around e-book stud photograph into his own orbit of St Jerome’s halo.

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