4 Amazing Tips to Choose the Best Violin

4 Amazing Tips to Choose the Best Violin 1

Violin is a very precious investment for music lovers. Purchasing your first violin can be exciting as well as a nostalgic moment. Usually, the violins don’t come in any design variations like the other modern instruments. Still, a violin player has the capability to differentiate a high-quality one from the rest of the lot. The quality of tonewoods used to create the violin and the skills with which it is constructed enhance its tone and playability.

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There are thousands of violin manufacturers and suppliers listed on various websites offering low prices and exciting discounts. And the beginner level people often tend to get enticed by such offers, ignoring the other factors. However, even if they successfully save a few bucks, they might regret it later for ending up with an instrument that resembles a toy more than a violin. So, how can one ensure that the violin that is being purchased is actually constructed with quality craftsmanship? Let us have a look at some of the amazing tips to help you through-

Choose the Right Type

One of the important factors while choosing a violin is the quality and type of wood used to build it. The quality of all woods might vary from each other, which would be well reflected in their price ranges. Each part of the violin is created with a different kind of wood, further determining its durability and sound. In addition, the violins are categorized into Master or Advanced, which may be used by the Students, Intermediates, and Professionals. So, choose wisely!

Look for the Right Size

Violins come in various sizes catering to different age groups. Typically, there is a standard full size for the adults, but you can buy violins of different measurements for the children. Buying the right size of a violin is important to create an easy and comfortable playing experience. Generally, the right measurement would be taken by extending his or her arm away from the body and then measuring the base of the neck to the wrist. However, some also prefer measuring from the neck to the center of the palm. Whatever way you choose, just keep the comfort level on priority.

Take a Trial

You should never invest in a violin until and unless you try it out. This is to ensure that you buy an appropriate instrument and doesn’t repent it later on. So, make sure while shopping around in the market, you request the shopkeepers to allow you a trial session with the violin. You would come across many shops actually having separate rooms to provide their customers with the same.


An experienced musician realizes the importance of playing a high-quality violin, thereby buying a violin from a reputable and authorized music instrument store only. Instrument dealers that take a guarantee of their products by providing you with a warranty card assure you a hassle-free replacement or repair in the future.

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