Keeping PM Narendra Modi vow to farmers on doubling earnings

Keeping PM Narendra Modi vow to farmers on doubling earnings 1

Not extraordinarily, the agriculture ministry’s committee on doubling farmers’ income has come out with guidelines that encompass a dramatic hike in public investment in agriculture—4-fold over the following five years—as well as accelerated advertising freedom. Indeed, the most important share of public investment in irrigation—Rs 48,600 crore of a total of Rs 284,300 crore at 2004-05 charges with the aid of FY23—is for rural roads, which are also vital in phrases of marketing freedom due to the fact these are essential for farmers’ get admission to markets. Though the committee has not linked extended investments and advertising and marketing freedom, they may be, in fact, intrinsically linked.

Historically, the authorities have tried to compensate farmers for lack of advertising and marketing freedom by giving them more subsidies, but the latter, in turn, is preventing the authorities from hiking public investments meaningfully. Though authority’s subsidies to agriculture, as a percentage of agriculture output, have fallen from the high of 12% in FY09, it’s far still an excessive 6% even nowadays, with the lion’s percentage comprising fertilizer subsidies.

Indeed, as this newspaper has argued before, if the authorities turned into to replace the present-day FCI-led procurement-cum-ration-shop-machine via direct benefits switch (DBT)—at the same time as leaving untouched the gargantuan meals subsidy to two-thirds of the populace—this by myself will save Rs 40,000 crore per year which may be used for investment in agriculture.

The other advantage of this,

of the route, is that it’ll end the bias in the direction of foodgrains—whilst India produces more horticulture than foodgrain, the shortage of charge-guide ends in the increase-bust cycles these days witnessed in both onions and tomatoes. While farmers lack the liberty to move their products across states freely, a look at with the aid of Shweta Saini and Ashok Gulati at ICRIER has tried to calculate the value of export restrictions and reveals them pretty large.

In most years, they located, Indian produce changed into export-aggressive,

however, to maintain home charges down, all manner of export restrictions have been positioned. Between February 2007 and September 2011, as an instance, wheat exports were banned—to place perspective on the damage to the farmers, after the ban turned into lifted, wheat exports rose to over $5 billion in FY13. In the case of onions, the duo observed they were export-competitive in all the 10 years studied. Still, other than the government dramatically trekking the minimum export prices on diverse events, exports had been even banned on two events. If the government is certainly extremely approximately doubling farmer incomes, it needs to alternate its guidelines quickly, to free farm exports and forestall the exercise of putting stocking limits to curtail nearby inflation and additionally to step up investments using lowering subsidies.

Narendra Modi Has Betrayed the Armed Forces on OROP


Narendra Modi started his election campaign by addressing an ex-servicemen rally in Rewari, Haryana, 2014. He introduced to the gathering that once he and the BJP are voted to strength, he’ll ensure that OROP may be sanctioned for the officers and men of the Indian militia. What is OROP? It manner One Rank One Pension and is a protracted-standing demand of the offerings. It is also a method in which all squaddies will draw an equal pension at any given time factor. This changed into essential as foot soldiers who’ve retired 2 or three years lower back are drawing pretty much 30-40% of the pension drawn by a newly retired serviceman. Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janta Party made a large display of this and additionally protected sanction of OROP of their election manifesto. It seemed that after 3 many years of the demand having surfaced, the ex-infantrymen might ultimately get their due. But regrettably, it has now not happened! The BJP has gained the election concept it suits to overlook approximately the election promise.

Narendra Modi, as Prime Minister, has as but now not announced sanction of OROP.

He but did announce that sanction of OROP become ‘dear’ to his heart, and he would no longer rest till it changed into authorized. But at the equal time, it’s a count of remorse that he failed to train his Finance and Defence Minister to head ahead to trouble the authorities letter for OROP. In interviews, both the Finance Minister (Jaitley) and the Defence Minister ( Parrikar) have stated that OROP is ‘complicated’ and there may be ‘loss of clarity on it. As such, there may be a want to refer the call to a tribunal.

This suggests the deliberating the BJP top brass that’s

conditioned by way of age-old practices in vogue from the time of Nehru to keep the militia down and no longer give them their due. The down gradation of the militia started from the time of Nehru, and Narendra Modi is following exactly that coverage.

By way of age-old practices in vogue from the time of Nehru, to keep the militia down and no longer give them their due. The down gradation of the militia started from the time of Nehru, and Narendra Modi is following exactly that coverage.

The reality is that the political management has no longer found out that age adage that a nation recognizes depends on its military energy. Such petty acts as not granting OROP critically undermine the morale of the military. Does the political leadership realize that the ONLY unifying force in u? S . A. Is the Army? Just withdraw the navy from Kashmir or the North East and see what occurs. There might be huge spread secession from the union.

The BJP indulges in self-defeating guidelines and gambling with hearth by no longer giving the soldier his due. The bell tolls for a state that is ungrateful to its soldiers, both retired and serving, and I am positive Modi will hear it earlier than he’s out of the workplace.

Knowledge Doubling Curve and You


Welcome to the information age.

“… Knowledge is doubling every ten years.” Eric Johnson, president of the American Chamber of Commerce – within the mid-20th century – referred to the fidelity of change.

That changed before the Internet. With the arrival of the Web, know-how was doubling approximately every 18 months through 2004, consistent with the American Society of Training and Documentation (A.S.T.D.).


IBM predicts that in the next couple of years, statistics will double each eleven hours


“As proven in patents and academic book, information doubles at specific fees for special sectors, starting from 2 years for nanotechnology to 21 years for different sectors.” (new fan)


Ray Kurzweil predicts within decades, he predicts, he may be billions of instances extra sensible than he is nowadays, capable of examine minds, assume distinct bureaucracy, and reshape his bodily environment at will. So will every person. Today’s humans, mere quintessences of dirt, maybe as superseded as Homo Erectus.

All this, Kurzweil believes, will come about through something referred to as The Singularity. Popularized extra than a decade in the past by way of the mathematician, pc scientist, and technology fiction novelist Vernor Vinge, who borrowed the time period from mathematics and astrophysics, it refers to the future factor at which technological alternate, propelled through the explosive boom of synthetic intelligence, will boost up beyond the factor of present-day human comprehension.


What occurs when the price hurries up to a doubling each month.

Then expertise will grow with the aid of 4096 instances each yr. (FairfieldLife)

So backside line, I bet – you get to pick out the quantity of information we’ve or may have, due to the fact….No-one seems to understand…About expertise…Precisely.


Honest, it’s on the whole guessing. High paid to guess and Ph.D. guessing – however guessing. Do you recognize how many species of animals within the worlds there are? We don’t know.

Why do we sleep? – we’re no longer sure
Where does existence come from? – we are not positive
Why is there something in place of nothing? That is why are we and the universe here instead of no longer right here? – we don’t know.
How did language evolve? – we don’t know.

There’s more we don’t know than we realize. And what we “recognize’, what’s known as ‘facts’ – is frequently naming things. They were always right here; it’s just now we’ve ‘determined’ them and given them a call. And whenever we call something – it is known as know-how. It’s no longer; it is only a name.

Anyway. The point is. Relax. Information is for using, no longer memorizing.

Statistics are what’s already right here but re-arranged. The percentage of RBI’s without or with steroids by way of (location players call right here)… We may additionally or may not realize that name, we may add or may not realize, or care, he uses steroids. The quantity of runs batted in expressed on an XY curve or a bell curve does not change the truth of your or my cancer or flu symptoms or knee scrape or being pregnant or job prospects. It’s stuffed prepare from other stuff and then called ‘new’ stuff.

Science is set the identical; there is nothing ‘determined.’ You or I won’t have to know about protons before technological know-how’ located ‘ them; however, they had been there, and scrambled eggs are still scrambled eggs without or with the proton factor.

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