A smile looks beautiful when it comprises perfectly aligned teeth. Those people who have misaligned teeth feel that they come across unpleasant, which ends up hampering their confidence. Crooked teeth may even refrain them from socializing with people freely. Dentists think that all such problems can be solved with the help of braces and Invisalign. Invisalign helps you acquire a natural smile without causing any discomfort to your teeth. They are designed in such a manner that they align your teeth to a perfect and comfortable smile. However, before you go ahead with Invisalign, here are a few things that you should know:



Your Invisalign depends on your need; it tends to differ from one patient to another. Furthermore, they are comfortable, and unlike braces, they do not have metal wires that hurt your cheeks or tongue. Invisalign’s surface is smooth and almost invisible in your mouth; this also makes it a pleasant experience to wear as people are not uncomfortable showing it in front of other people. Aligners like these are very easy to carry and store.


Braces are painful, especially when you have to eat something, but Invisalign is less painful, and you can effortlessly remove it while eating or playing a sport. Cleaning your teeth and gum is more comfortable with an aligner like this. Just a piece of advice, when you remove them to eat, try to make sure that no food is trapped between the aligners and your teeth as bacterias can develop. Keep such dental problems at bay by cleaning your teeth after the consumption of food.


Invisalign are aligners made up of medical-grade plastic, thermoplastic polyurethane and hence are not visible to others when you are using them. Braces tend to make you conscious when you are at a public gathering, but Invisalign not so much, so now you can happily smile and interact with your friends at a gathering. In addition to this, they come 100% BPA free which makes them safe for use.


If you are 25 and think Invisalign can help you get the perfect smile, you are wrong. Invisalign is not made for anyone and everyone. They can make your smile look beautiful but only for people up to the age of 17. They work on those who have severe teeth alignment issues. It is sensible to get an Invisalign after consulting a dentist.


Just because you have Invisalign doesn’t mean that you get to escape from oral health. Oral hygiene is of utmost importance while using Invisalign too. Wash your Invisalign with warm water to prevent them from yellowing or decay. Dry them thoroughly before you use them again or store them. Take proper instructions from your dentist to clean them. Never use soap or detergents to clean; if they become filthy, seek the help of your dentist to get them cleaned.

Visit a professional dentist who will offer you the best assistance to find your perfect pairs of Invisalign. Everything about Invisalign is okay as long as you maintain proper oral hygiene.

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