Renaissance Science and the Song of an Extinct Sea Monster

Renaissance Science and the Song of an Extinct Sea Monster 1

What might it meanwhile it’s far found that a peculiar, gruesome, extinct sea ammonite became able to send evolutionary statistics through 20 million years of area-time to influence the design of a cutting-edge day seashell creature? A clue to answering the question may properly be that it appears to have been designed to drift upright, suggesting an evolutionary process higher understood within the days of historical Greece than through present-day technological know-how. Nipponites Mirabilis, Stone of Japan, had a primitive, snake-like, twisted shell from which emerged a small squid-like creature that floated alongside slowly in a historical sea to ensnare its meals. The proof that the historical Greek lifestyles-technology might have been accurate overwhelmingly argues that Darwin’s evolutionary theories seem out of date.

Renaissance Science and the Song of an Extinct Sea Monster 2

During the Nineteen Eighties, Italy’s leading technological know-how journal Il Nuovo Cimento posted papers written via the Australian Science-Art Centre’s mathematician, Chris Illert, wherein he could generate simulations of seashells indistinguishable from coloration snapshots of the residing seashell. By reducing the harmonic structure of the relevant method he had built, a simulation of the creature’s ancestor fossil was generated. An ordinary, compacted, tube-like fossil simulation becomes received by reducing the system via a lesser harmonic.

The grotesque seashell design became diagnosed through the Smithsonian Institute as being a correct simulation of Nipponites Mirabilis. Illert has become the primary character to illustrate that the extinct ammonite has been able to transmit layout records across 20 million years of area time to persuade the layout of a living creature. His optics discovery became reprinted in 1990 using the world’s largest technological research institute as a critical discovery from the Twentieth Century literature.

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Illert’s arithmetic became associated with Renaissance geometries, and considerable controversy was generated at the time. Some students, consisting of the past due to Dr. George Cockburn, Royal Fellow of Medicine, London, proposed that the evolutionary logic belonged to the standard space-time good judgment of fractal geometry. This became not a famous idea because mainstream technology turned into and still is, governed by Einstein’s most reliable regulation of all of the technological know-how. Although the limitless logic of fractal geometry is quite proper to modern technology, all lifestyles inside the universe ought to be destroyed, death sentence demanded using the Einsteinian worldview. The Science-Art Centre’s Dr. Cockburn, quite acquainted with Chris Ellert’s studies, committed the rest of his lifestyles to link inventive, innovative notions to the functioning of conventional fractal logic. Cockburn’s optical theories changed Leonardo’s Theory of all expertise, which successfully showed Darwinian existence-science theories to be based upon false assumptions.

Leonardo da Vinci was considered that the eye was the important thing to gaining all understanding, an idea that Plato considered belonged to barbaric engineering because such ideas left out his religious optical engineering standards. The engineer, Buckminster Fuller, based his synergistic life-strength discoveries upon Plato’s ethical optics research. Fuller’s work becomes built upon a fractal mathematical logic well-matched with Cockburn’s published medical research. Fullerene logic is now upholding a new fractal common sense life-technology chemistry advocated by using the 3 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry.

Renaissance Science and the Song of an Extinct Sea Monster 3

Leonardo’s theories were modified because when the sperm touches the liquid crystal membrane of the ovum, the eye does not exist, and life is instigated through the functioning of liquid crystal fractal logic optics. This discovery connected the human evolutionary technique to ancient prehistoric existence forms whose fatty acids had occasionally combined with minerals to shape liquid crystal soaps which, while stimulated with the aid of cosmic X-Radiation, grew into crystalline formations displaying positive fractal functioning associated with human evolution.

The discovery of fractal evolutionary statistics transfer from a small extinct sea creature throughout 20 million years of area-time indicated an issue of fractal existence-technology intelligence properly past Darwinian evolutionary theory. It is likewise properly past the primitive generation of contemporary technological know-how. However, it’s far regular with Platonic, spiritual engineering principles now related to new existence-technology chemistry. The human sphenoid bone vibrates the identical seashell life-electricity forces used by Nipponities Mirabilis to assist increase fractal good judgment evolution. The human vibrations are in touch with the seashell layout of the human cochlea, designed not to keep a creature upright in the water but to maintain humans upright on land.

Texas Univerity’s Dr. Richard Merrick has researched and competently advanced the electromagnetic fractal common sense of life discovered functioning in the human innovative cerebral mechanisms. This functioning can be considered to be installed by the sphenoid’s liquid crystal programming. Dr. Merrick’s paintings are associated with Pythagoras’ Music of the Spheres fractal lifestyles-science worldview, which may be considered to be associated with the lifestyles-force song sung by Nipponites Mirabilis. In order to increase the human survival era, we are now able to ask the sphenoid where it wants to go. From the humanoid fossil record, each time the sphenoid modifications its form, a new species emerges. By applying knowledge about the harmonic tune sung with the aid of a gruesome little sea monster floating alongside in a historic sea close to the Japanese coast, we can envisage a futuristic supra-technology linking us to truth 20 million years into the future.

Renaissance Science and the Song of an Extinct Sea Monster 4

Professor Robert Pope is a recipient of the 2009 Gold Medal Laureate for Philosophy of Science, Telesio Galilei Academy of Science, London. He is an Ambassador for the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Project, University of Florence, is indexed in Marquis Who’s Who of the World as an Artist-logician, and has received a Decree of Recognition from the American Council of the United Nations University Millennium Project, Australasian Node.

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