Catastrophic flooding” expected in Texas from Harvey

Catastrophic flooding" expected in Texas from Harvey 1

The National Hurricane Center says that Tropical Storm Harvey is barely shifting as torrential rains continue in Texas.

The center’s overdue Saturday afternoon update says the center of the hurricane is set 45 miles west-northwest of Victoria, Texas, and little movement is anticipated throughout the next few days. The middle says maximum sustained winds have decreased to near sixty-five mph. Additional weakening is expected over the following day or two. Tropical typhoon force winds amplify outward as much as a hundred and fifteen miles from the storm’s middle.

Our largest challenge is the opportunity of among 20 and 30 inches of rain in regions starting from Corpus Christi over to Houston,


stated Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. “Because of the flooding, one of the pinnacle focal points that we are worried approximately is ongoing rescue and healing.”

Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Harvey

The typhoon center says catastrophic, and lifestyles-threatening flooding is predicted across the center and higher Texas through Thursday, with isolated Hurricane totals as high as 40 inches.

Harvey came ashore in Texas on Friday night time as the strongest storm to hit the U.S. In more than a decade, flooding in South Carolina

Angela and Mario Manzano advised CBS News’ Manuel Bojorquez that looking at the house they currently purchased is “devastating.”

“It’s devastating because, as I stated, we’re slightly shopping the house, we’re nonetheless paying it off, to lose it now, it’ll be tough,” Angela said.

Their domestic is in a low-mendacity vicinity liable to flooding  west Virginia flood zone maps.

“If it became just the 2 people, it might be special, but having our children, that why we took, we just took the maximum crucial matters — our crucial documents and images that can not get replaced and that stuff,” Angela said.

FEMA stated restoration from the hurricane could take years

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Songs these days rarely make the headlines, even when they hit the very top of the charts. For example, you might have to dig deep into the newspaper to find the title of even the current number one single, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber.

Conversely, many classic songs owe their creations to headlines of newspaper articles, including one from an album by The Beatles that is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this summer. Much more recently, Will Butler of Arcade Fire once spent a week writing songs based on headlines from The Guardian, citing Bob Dylan as his inspiration for the idea.

Dylan once commented that some of his songs were based on headlines, compositions that probably helped him earn the honor of receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature last year. One of those songs is listed below, and six by other artists who were inspired by newspaper articles.

A Day In The Life by The Beatles


John Lennon read the newspaper account detailing the fatal accident that claimed the life of a well-known 25-year-old, and the co-leader of the Fab Four soon had the song that would close out the legendary Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

The Ballad of Alferd Packer by Phil Ochs

Enclosed with the lyrics inside the case holding The Broadside Tapes CD is a copy of the actual news article that led the folk singer to write this song about a mountain guide who resorts to cannibalism after being stranded in a blizzard.

The Legend of Andrew McCrew by Don McLean

The Homeless Brother album features a snippet of the article that led McLean to tell the world about a legless hobo who, after being preserved until someone claimed his corpse, is picked up by a traveling carnival and labeled as the Mummy Man.

Rockin’ the Paradise by Styx

Since the band was born in the Windy City, it makes sense that they would see the article in The Chicago Star about the demolition of the historic Paradise Theater.

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