Things to Consider When Buying Body Armor

Things to Consider When Buying Body Armor 1

With the increasing crime rate, many people are investing in body armor for different reasons. Whether you’re a military officer operating in high-risk zones or a hunter who needs protection during the adventure, body armor can be used by anyone who’s at the risk of physical attack. The armor vest provides the best possible defense in a deadly situation by protecting your vital organs from bullets and knife attacks. Body armors are now easily available at affordable prices with the rising demand and growing popularity of protective gear. However, body armor comes in different styles, protection levels, and shapes, so picking the right one can be complicated.

Numerous types of body armor are available in the market, such as bulletproof vests, armor plates, or ballistic vests. According to the law, any US citizen or legal resident can buy any body armor in the country. If you’re planning to buy body armor for yourself and your family, you must first determine your specific protection needs. So, if you’re not sure where to start, here are some things you need to consider when buying body armor. Read further to know how to choose the right body armor to ensure your safety.


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Identify Your Threat Level

The process of buying body armor begins with identifying the level of protection you need. It would help if you thought about the mission during which you’ll need to wear the protective vest to determine the level of protection you need. For instance, pistol protection armor is not the right choice for someone likely to face a rifle attack. It would be best if you also researched the area in which you will be working and the history of attacks that have taken place previously. The soldier fighting in war zones needs the highest ballistic protection that will protect against rifle rounds. A patrolling or prison officer might need a multi-threat protection vest that offers bullet, stab, and spike protection.

Types of Protective Body Armor

When looking for body armor, you’ll find different types of bullet-proof vests and tactical gear. You will need to choose between the two main styles of body armor – covert and overt. The covert armor, also known as concealed vests, can be worn under clothes. This type of vest is used by police officers or other professionals who need protection against handguns, knife attacks, and shards of glass. Covert armor is meant to protect against rifle rounds. The second type is the overt vests that are designed to be worn over clothes. These are heavier, thicker, and harder than covert vests. This type of vest is mostly used by soldiers who face more serious threats and need protection against incoming rifle rounds.

Fitting & Comfort

Once you find body armor that best suits your specific needs, try it to check if it fits you perfectly. The vest should fit perfectly. Otherwise, it will fail to provide the needed protection. Somebody armor manufacturers provide customization services, but that can be costly and take a little longer to get the product. Besides fitting, the vest should also be comfortable to wear and lightweight. The plate carrier or bulletproof vests are not soft, but they shouldn’t be too heavy or tight to limit your movement.

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