Sweet solution to a sugar industry hassle

A Vryheid mechanic-became-entrepreneur has designed an innovative piece of business equipment that is solving a main trouble for the nearby sugar industry: casting off lumps from sugar.
Hendrik van Zeeventer, fifty-eight, founded BTO Engineering after promoting off his first small enterprise final yr to make investments all his savings in his invention – meals grade commercial screen that successfully sieves sugar to beautify its pleasant before packaging and exporting.

Van Zeeventer did his apprenticeship within the sugar industry in Zimbabwe earlier than relocating to South Africa inside the Eighties. He joined Bearing Man as a salesperson and turned into promoted to Vryheid department manager. He opened his first business, Bearings Transmission, and Oil Seals, in 2005.

He first started operating on the layout for the equipment in 2014 whilst he sold his first portable display to RCL Foods.

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“I got a suggestion request from RCL Malelane a couple of years in the past as they had 6000 heaps of sugar rejected by means of a customer. They asked me if I had a concept of the way it is able to be fixed and that’s how I came up with the idea of a transportable screen that could be taken to the consumer via a car trailer.”

After gazing machinery used inside the nearby mining industry, he got here up with his concept of an excessive-performance high-frequency vibrating sugar screen manufactured to food and business safety standards. Van Zeeventer manufactures 3 sizes that can decant, skip or method a ton of sugar in up to six minutes even as casting off “goodies” – hardened crystalized sugar – iron filings and different unwanted items.

“The sugar enterprise traditionally uses rotary monitors, which can be inefficient and wasteful,” he said.

Van Zeeventer has on account that offered a similarly seven of his screens to numerous sugar mills domestically and in Swaziland. He is now exploring the manufacture of castor sugar monitors, currently imported at up to R1.7million, which he believes may be made locally at a fraction of the fee and provide employment.

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