Loans board for vocational schooling students

Loans board for vocational schooling students 1

Kilifi County Government plans to introduce loans for college kids learning in Vocational and training institutions within the county to aid students from bad households starting early next yr.

Prof Gabriel Katana, the CEC in the price of Education, said they intend to undertake the Higher Education and Loans Board (HELB) format, which has to undergo the county meeting for approval.

He becomes speaking all through a graduation rite a the Ganda Vocational and Training Youth Polytechnic on Monday.

The CEC said he had held talks with the CEO for HELB Charles Ringera on how to devise so that the county can allocate finances to give loans to students.

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“In January, we shall begin citizen participation in Kilifi county to have a fund for kids to get loans as a way to stop the hassle of getting access to schooling,” he stated.

Ganda Ward MCA Abdulrahman Omar Mohamed, who organized the commencement, had to provide a cheque of Sh230,000 to the administration to reduce the debts owed by the scholars.

In his speech, Katana said their desire to be Sh50 million annual finances especially allotted for the loans board to help the needy students.

He said the kitty might even add to the Sh2 billion from National authorities allocated to vocational training establishments.

Katana stated Kilifi County is among those on the way to gain in a unique provide, including that they have complied well with the statistics required.

The CEC member said they intend to grow the trades in vocational training institutions and provide guides that might be in line with the Blue Economy.

He advised students to be creative and set up unique merchandise that would attract customers, which includes putting in place palm wine consuming wood cups ‘ books with seats for sellers to use their dens.

On his element, the area MCA informed dad and mom to attend to their youngsters in the course of this festive season so that you can lessen the instances of juvenile pregnancy.

This yr Kilifi County shocked the country whilst it recorded thirteen,000 cases of adolescent pregnancies.

Mohamed blamed parents for failure to take responsibility for their girls, leaving it completely to the lecturers.

“Parents have deserted their duties, but they blame children for teenage pregnancies. Some don’t even purchase pads for the kids forcing their youngsters to be useless,” he said.

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