How To Laser Engrave Laminates

Laser machines have gained immense popularity in the market today amongst engravers, retailers and manufacturing companies. With the help of laser engraving, manufacturers can mark the surfaces of a variety of materials with precise designs at the fraction of a price and in the most efficacious manner in comparison to traditional methodologies of engraving on delicate pieces. The laser engraving system is modelled in a way that it can be controlled and manipulated through a computer and is incredibly user-friendly. Its mechanics can be compared to that of a standard printer. Laser engravings allow for the printing of letters and numbers, as well as complicated and intricate graphics, brand logos, and barcodes.

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Listed below his a comprehensive guide that will help you to navigate through the process of laser engravings, enabling you to get the best results out of this method.

The Basics

Before anything else, it is important that you learn the basic information regarding laser engravings. Broadly speaking, there are different categories of laser engravings- removal of material or engraving, marking or colour changing, and foaming. If you happen to be removing material through an engraving, it is necessary that you have a base material that is coated.
The engraving process usually happens in grid technology; nevertheless, single line font could be marked with the help of vector output. In the process of laser cutting, the head traverses through a predetermined way and consequently mandates vector shapes. There are several software that determine the modes of processing beforehand and chooses them automatically, thereby making the entire operation of a laser system very easy and quick.

Bottom-up Engraving

Make sure that you fix the orientation of your laser to start the engraving process from the bottom of the surface to the top. This seemingly small alteration will lessen the amount of residue generated over the previously engraved material surface and make the follow up cleaning way easier by preventing any deposition on the warm core.


If the material you wish to engrave is a light colour in the more but has a darker top colour, it can be quite challenging to generate precision in the design of the engraving. For this method too, you could fix the bottom up engraving technique to lessen the redistribution of the residual colour on the white surface. You could also consider increasing power in 5% increments and opt for multiple passes to achieve the best results. You could actually engrave the desired design on the surface and then coat it with masking tape or painters tape. This will offer a protective layer for the lighter surface in the cutting process and in the end, you can simply peel off this layer to prevent any dust to stick to the actual surface.

Clean After Processing

If there are any residual marks of smoke on the surface engraved, you could clean it with the help of methylated spirits. Douse a clean cloth with this solution and wipe off the surface and follow it with wiping another clean and dry cloth. You could also employ the help of Nanosponges or dirt erasers to clean the laminates.

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