How To Choose The Right Extension Cord

Choosing the right extension cord and utilizing it judiciously is very important to avoid any kind of mishappenings around your home. Extension cords are counted as the most dangerous electrical devices used in our homes and it can be for more hazardous when used inappropriately with improper cord sizing. This can lead to uncertain accidents due to its failure.

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Therefore it is very necessary to use the right type of cord in order to avoid any sort of failure. Always make sure the cord you use should be ground fault circuit interrupter ( GFCI) type or should be plugged into a GFCI protected outlet. Many times these extension cords have an in-built GFCI protection and this helps to prevent shock hazards.

Below given are some tips on how to choose the right extension cord:

1) Place it is going to be used and its usage: With so many types of extension cords available, it can be hard to make the right choice. One should always purchase a cord specific to each application. Also, it is very essential to consider the environment and the place where the extension cord is going to be used.

The layer covering the cord from outside comprises of a sequence of letters and each letter has a different meaning and even it safeguards the wire from moisture, cold, direct sunlight, etc. This way, the life of the wire becomes more extended and provides protection from any kind of mishappenings.

2) Type of plug: Most of the extension cords have either two or three-prong plugs. The plug type you choose will depend upon many features like the connector box, number of sockets, twist and lock, light indicator and the built-in GFCI.

Also, it depends upon your application, the plug type you require and it will vary from device to device, for example, you will need a specialty plug for greater amperage devices and safety features. Therefore choosing the right plug according to its application is very crucial.

3) Power handling capacity: Since there are many options to choose from, it makes it difficult to select the right kind of cord that may work well for your device. Always make sure the extension cord you choose is capable of handling the power requirements of your device.

Also, keep in check the amperage of your tools, this will provide you surety that the extension cord you have is rated to be used under such amperage.

4) Choose the shortest cord possible: In order to choose the appropriate extension cord, look for the shortest cord possible. This will enable you to conserve energy and it may also allow for the use of lighter-duty cords.

A longer cord leads to low amount of voltage delivered and even you will end up losing electrical efficiency by foot and your desired application would not receive the voltage it needs to run properly.

No matter what type of cord you select, it is always important to follow certain basic safety precautions so as to prevent accidents. It is advised to thoroughly check your extension cord and discard if there are any damages or tears in the jacket.