Five Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Blog

1. Blogs are User-Friendly and Very Easy to Use

The upside to having weblog software in preference to an internet site is that its miles very consumer-pleasant. The weblog uses a GUI, or a graphic-person interface, this means that that that the whole lot that you may need to do is specified in a simple to recognize graphics. The blogging software also conforms to the standards of maximum different software packages. For example, the photo icons you see in Microsoft Office packages are very much like the pictures you’ll see internal of your weblog.

The purpose that this is so vital is that YOU can replace your OWN website and also you don’t want to pay high prices for web design expenses to do so! There is not any messing around with HTML code, you may keep away from having a dull, dead website that people only visit from time to time and alternatively, you can replace it your self and provide people a purpose to return time and again and again.

The different upside to this is that whilst you want something modified fast, you can do so. You now not must wait on an internet designer or a digital assistant, you could just pop into the dashboard and replace the web page you want to make adjustments to and click shop and increase – you are executed!

Making ordinary posts is likewise smooth to do. In some, short clicks and then some keystrokes for the frame of your post, you could have sparkling, new content material for your weblog right now. If you are feeling specifically creative one day, you could write a chain of posts and store them all to publish on future dates. For me, I will write eight or 9 blog entries at a time and save them to put up one or two days apart. This is likewise useful in case you are occurring holiday. In February, my husband and I went to the Dominican for a holiday and before I left, I wrote blog entries to cover the week I become long past and just published them in advance. On the days that I targeted, my blog entries showed up on the blog!


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2. Blogs Are Easy to Navigate

All blogs comply with a reasonably popular style of formatting and navigation. Although every template may also look specific, all of them include the identical preferred factors. When I visit a blog, I constantly understand wherein to visit see Recent Posts. I additionally know that on most of the people of blogs, I may be capable of locating an area to join the blogs feed. A feed is actually a syndication of your weblog entries. That syndicated textual content is then dispatched out to your weblog visitors feed readers and is despatched out to the engines like google, and so forth. This is a part of the purpose that running a blog is so effective in getting humans to your website.

Have you ever visited a website in which every menu has been specific and every sidebar contained one-of-a-kind textual content relying on wherein you were on the website? Those varieties of websites are confusing and that they don’t lead the internet site tourist where they need to be going. With running a blog software program, it remains general and is always updating itself. When you make a change on one sidebar, it automatically updates on every different sidebar which removes any kind of confusion in your website site visitors.

A notable ebook I need to advocate is Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think.” Even in case, you do not layout websites, you need to read this ebook. A lot of the reasons that I love blogs are outlined in his usability segment. He references making websites more functional by means of following his concepts but what’s so super is that a weblog already conforms to a lot of his requirements.

Three. People Can Subscribe to Your Blog and Stay Current

Now, I need to provide an explanation for what RSS is first. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. What it’s far is a circle of relatives of net feed codecs used to submit frequently up to date virtual content, inclusive of blogs, news feeds or podcasts. People who’re into blogging will use your RSS feed to do some things:

– They may also subscribe to acquire an every day digest of recent content. Think of how effective that is in phrases of preserving you in contact together with your target marketplace. If a person receives steady, updated messages from you, you’re always in their line of sight and they’ll see what you’re as much as, new products or services you are launching and what kind of know-how you have on your chosen problem.

– They may also upload you to their feed reader. I have a software that I use referred to as Feed Demon and this software program software tracks all of the blogs I am interested in with the aid of shooting and updating the feed that comes from the blog. Each day I can open up this software program and have an on the spot summary of every weblog I have subscribed to and I can review what it is humans are speak about. This permits me to stay modern without having a thousand bookmarks in my internet browser or looking to bear in mind which blogs I preferred to read. The equal is true for your traffic. They need a quick, clean manner to be reminded which you exist and that you are posting things that they need to recognize about.

Normal websites don’t try this for you except you are setting out a monthly ezine that carries all of your enterprise updates. By having the weblog, you could almost reduce out the monthly ezine and simply let the blog do the be just right for you!

4. Search Engines Love Them and They Are Content Managers

In truth, it is so easy to build content to your blog that I actually have genuinely created info-merchandise based on content I had blogged about over the past year. Info-products end up easy to do because you are not creating fresh, new content material each and every time. What you weblog approximately should become an article which could grow to be an ebook. Blogging receives you into the dependency of writing and developing which then permits you to without difficulty and effects create info-products.

Your site visitors can even love this due to the fact when they display up for your website searching out assistance in your preferred profession, they are able to locate a whole archive of high-quality content. Most of my running a blog clients will archive them beyond newsletters or e-zines on their blogs in order that their customers can read beyond issues while not having to download PDFs or visit thirteen or fourteen one of a kind net pages.

Search engines love blogs for some of reasons. Number one, they love the truth that fresh, new content material is being posted all the time. Even in case you are simplest updating it as soon as per week, you may nonetheless see the benefits from it. Each and every time you publish something in your weblog, the serps are mechanically pinged and if you have pinging software program established, that is loose and easy to apply, it’ll mechanically ping the one-of-a-kind offerings that should be pinged.

Number two, engines like google love links and trackbacks. Hyperlinks are links to other humans’s websites, blog entries, audio documents, etc. And song backs are special links from someone else’s blog entry that permit the alternative person recognize you have blogged about him or her. It additionally posts YOUR entry on their web page for different human beings to study. This is how blogging additionally will become so viral.

Five. They Become an Active Networking Source for Your Business

For me, I have met a number of state-of-the-art people through my blog. Some of those people have become clients, others had been just frequent readers that have become friends and others asked me to collaborate with them on unique tasks. By having a blog, you could become an area where human beings go to study what it’s miles you’re writing approximately but also on the way to meet you, get to realize you and one day work with you. You can build a network and permit other humans to meet via you which then allows humans to speak to you and get your name accessible.

If you watched of widespread networking, you suspect of human beings showing up to an occasion for about an hour, speeding through the crowds looking to get business playing cards after which leaving the occasion and never surely having a real feeling of connection. I’m sure we’ve got all skilled this. Blogging offers your involved parties an area to come to study you. They can start to see how you both might benefit from understanding each different and they may be more apt to the technique you over the years. This is a miles greater effective manner to the community and you do not want to fear about your business card being thrown within the trash.

Another way that it will become a networking tool is whilst you reach out to different people’s blogs. Once you start running a blog, you willquicklycomprehend that the complete world is running a blog and there are many incredible things to be read. By journeying different human beings’s blogs and leaving comments on their posts, you will do two matters: one, you’ll introduce your self in a non-threatening or non-enforcing manner to a person you may no longer have desired to just email within the past and two, by way of displaying that you have a hobby in that issue on their weblog, you’ll gain involved traffic who share comparable hobbies.

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