Things You Should Know About Stavros Niarchos III

Things You Should Know About Stavros Niarchos III 1

Many people are there who do not know about the most famous and popular, Stavros Niarchos III. This brief guide will teach you about Stavros Niarchos III and his opulent world. He mainly comes from a Greek family. The Greek family created its fortune from oil shipping around the globe. Stavros Niarchos, I was a multi-bullion shipping business tycoon, and Stavros Niarchos III is the grandson of Stavros Niarchos I. One of the things for which Stavros Niarchos is popular is not only for his vast wealth that is in the family, but he is also popularly known for his several relationships with celebrities and models in the Hollywood industry.

 Stavros Niarchos

Romantic Connections-

The heir of the billionaire, i.e., Stavros Niarchos III, became very well known in the gossip media for his lovely romantic connections and links with several A-category stars all around the world. Besides being well-known for his family fortunes and dramas in relationships, Stavros Niarchos III is also famous for his love for skateboarding. Here in this guide, you will learn about the luxurious life of Stavros Niarchos III, and it is as follows:

Stavros Niarchos III’s Net Worth-

The approximate estimated wealth of Stavros Niarchos III is around $100 million. But there is other news also spreading like wildfire about the soaring high value of his assets after he legally acquired the family’s estates. Many people don’t even know about Stavros Niarchos skateboarding, and he is a professional at this. He may not have made a name for himself in skateboarding and competitions, but he is skilled. However, he doesn’t make much wealth out of skateboarding.

His Better Half-Dasha Zhukova

Besides dating many high-profile personas in the Hollywood industry and around the world, Stavros Niarchos III finally decided to get married to the Russian business magnate and heiress Dasha Zhukova. Another thing, you will be surprised to know that, out of so many best spots and places around the world, the couple exchanged their vows at Hotel Kulm, which is in Switzerland. It was a glamorous event. Some of the top and most popular celebrities who attended the wedding of Stav-Dash were Kate Hudson, Karlie Kloss, Jen Meyer, and Sarah Foster. Dash was previously married to a billionaire who is Russian named Roman Abramovich. Dash and Roman got married in 2008 and soon separated within a short time of 6 years. Their marriage was secret, Dash-Roman. But finally, Stav-Dash worked out, and Dash found a life companion, i.e., Stavros, and they invited around 300 kith and kin for their wedding ceremony.

Stavros and Jessica Hart Break Up-

Stavros was also going around with Australian model Jessica Hart before his marriage. But the relationship ended and did not lead to marriage. Soon after the breakup, Hart announced on IG that her 7-year relationship had ended and they were still friends. However, some people guessed that Hart would get married to Stavros, but they were on different boats. Also, some sources revealed that Hart wanted to have kids, but Stavros did not want to, so maybe it didn’t work out with them.

Dasha Zhukova is spending time with Stavros Niarchos III | Page Six

Buying Costly Assets-

One of the most well-known statements by which Stavros Niarchos III lives is—”Price tags do not bother you when you live in Opulence.” Stavros is also known to have bought an architectural property that is a masterpiece of its time, thereby saving the preservationist, as the owner of the masterpiece was on the verge of destroying it completely. Stavros paid around $15 million for that masterpiece, which is located in Beverly Hills, California. The masterpiece is known as Kronish and is also known as Richard Neutra’s most well-known design, dating back to 1955. The masterpiece property is situated on 1.34 acres of land.

A pinwheel-shaped house is a masterpiece villa. A pinwheel-shaped home is a masterpiece villa. As per the preservationist, the estate, which is a landmark, was vacant for several years and was in a pathetic state. Stavros promised to renew the property by properly renovating it and restoring it to its architectural glory. For the renewal of the structure, Stavros connected with the architect firm Marmol Radziner for reparation work.

Passion for Skateboarding-

Stavros Niarchos’s skateboarding passion connected him with Tony Hawk, one of the most well-known skateboarders of the time. While Stavros does enjoy the limelight of being a skateboarder, he is also known for his wealth. He is the second-wealthiest skateboarder. However, his skills are insufficient to take him up to the level of the skateboarding charts.

Romance with Paris Hilton-

Mary Kate Olsen’s good friend Paris was born. Mary Kate Olsen’s good friend Paris was born. Stavros was seen enjoying the company of Paris Hilton on several occasions. But the pair broke up within months and separated.

Pin on Dasha Zhukova + Roman Abramovich

Niarchos Shipping Wealth Beneficiary-

Stavros Niarchos III stands in line to inherit the wealth as the eldest grandson of the shipping magnate. He will not only take his grandfather and father’s name but is also legally entitled to the wealth amassed by the ancestors.

Schools & Colleges-

Stavros Niarchos III attended one of the most well-known and popular educational institutions. He studied in France at Stanislas De Paris College. It is one of the country’s most notable private Catholic schools. Then, in Maui, Stavros attended Seabury Hall, a middle and high school. After that, he further studied at Southern California University. He undertook film studies hoping to have a career in the film industry.

Theo Niarchos is a Sibling.

Theo Niarchos is the youngest brother of Stavros Niarchos III. Theo is a popular art fanatic. At the young age of 9, Theo fell in love with the beauty of art. He visited a museum in France and focused on pursuing a career in the arts. Theo also studied history and has a passion for art collections. He also opened an art gallery in LA, showing some of his unique art collections.

Dating Mary Kate Olsen-

Mary is a popular name among the women Stavros has dated. Mary is an American actress and also a fashion designer. The pair dated back in 2015, and their relationship lasted up to 5 months. After that, they split.

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