Started at the age of 19, this multibagger stock picker’s

Ambareesh Baliga, fifty-three, who started out his journey in Indian fairness markets with just Rs forty,000 in 1983 commenced picking multi-baggers at the age of 19. His investments have given him a go back of as much as 1400 percentage.

A self-made man who loves gardening when he is not analyzing numbers from the stability sheet or backpacking for a ride at least 3-4 instances in a yr.

He found out his biggest lesson of lifestyles during the Harshad Mehta crash and Ketan Parekh rip-off that’s trading in equities with borrowed capital is not usually the proper preference.


Ambareesh Baliga has been regarded for his “out of the field”



contrarian calls which can create a huge quantity of wealth for traders in the end.

He has mastered the knack of standing out from the group to offer an unbiased view of the markets. Although, he has most of his investments in large caps his coronary heart lies with the mid caps, small caps, and micro caps.


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Baliga has wealthy market enjoy for over 25 years and has labored with brilliant agencies including Kotak, Karvy, and Edelweiss within the beyond.

His first investment changed into an IPO where he becomes allocated one hundred stocks of Kinetic Honda which become issued at par Rs. 10/- however opened for buying and selling at Rs. 150/- (which interprets into a return of 1400%).

The first profitable multi-bagger investment with the aid of Baliga became in Praj Industries at around Rs. 5 which gave him over 400x return.

His few multi-baggers stock selections encompass names like Financial Technologies at Rs. 12 which gave me over 100x, Bharti Airtel at Rs. 25 which gave me 30x and lots of greater, Himatsingka Seide which back nearly 10x, Nelcast 10x, HEG 3x, Edelweiss 5x, Action Construction 5x, Ashok Leyland 3x to call some.

He additionally has a small portfolio of micro caps which gave him stupendous returns which include Kisan Moulding, Axtel industries which I actually have now exited. However, he has also eroded wealth with a few awful picks including Koutons, Deccan Chronicle, and a few others.

Here are excerpts of his one of a kind interview with Kshitij Anand of Moneycontrol:

When did the love affair for equities begin?

I was given interested by shares once I turned into in school when you consider that our Economics instructor might discuss the inventory markets. I began investing in 1983 when I turned into about 19 years.

My grandfather had bequeathed a set deposit of Rs. 40,000 which I slowly started out investing in equities. A quantity of stocks changed into a gold mine the one’s days as IPO charge become controlled, thus if you were lucky you may get a multi-bagger.

For instance, I become lucky to were allocated a hundred stocks of Kinetic Honda which was issued at par Rs. 10/- however opened for buying and selling at Rs. A hundred and fifty/- (which interprets into a return of 1400%).

At a few factor or the alternative, stock  I had pretty some Started  of the modern blue chips in my portfolio picker’s



as IPO stocks – Hero Motocorp, Eicher Mitsubishi, Ind-Suzuki (TVS Suzuki), Swaraj Mazda, Guj Ambuja Cement, Kotak Mahindra Finance and lots of more.

I had a number of multi-baggers at some point of my over three decades investment experience, but what’s most essential is the placement size.

The first worthwhile multi-bagger investment of mine changed into in Praj Industries at around Rs. 5 where I wanted to select up a percent stake but the stock flared up by means of them.

However, my investment turned into plenty higher than my in advance positions and this stock gave me a 400x go back.

What is your investment mantra?

I am a contrarian via the heart. I don’t go with the gang, however, opt to stand out and be careful with particular possibilities. I trust that a first mover usually makes more than the rest.

It offers me enough time to look at the inventory and also to buy when you consider that no longer many are interested in it at some point of that length. The region and the management are the most important nook stones for any investment, however, the find impeccable control is hard.

Most of them are various sun shades of gray, as a result, one desires to look how a whole lot of this is discounted in the charge. In most of the cases, I want to like the macro story, as I agree with that the rest of the image will fall in an area of the driving force (control) has a fireplace in the belly.

Stocks which have already given multi-baggers returns:

Other than Praj Industries, I had picked up Financial Technologies at Rs. 12 which gave me over 100x, Bharti Airtel at Rs. 25 which gave me 30x and much more.

Recently, I bought Himatsingka Seide which again almost 10x, Nelcast 10x, HEG 3x, Edelweiss 5x, Action Construction 5x, Ashok Leyland 3x to call a few.

I also have a small portfolio of micro caps which gave me stupendous returns along with Kisan Moulding, Axtel industries which I even have now exited.

However, I have additionally eroded wealth with a few bad picks inclusive of Koutons, Deccan Chronicle, and some others.

What do you select the most – large caps, mid caps or small caps/micro caps?

About 1/2 my equity portfolio is secure huge caps but my heart lies with the mid caps, small caps, and micro caps. This section is tough in phrases of finding winners and I love interacting with the control of such corporates.

Many times you come upon outright crooks whereas with some respectable ones you shape a bonding and watch them grow on the side of your investments.

Where do you notice markets in next four-5 years?

I don’t need to risk a bet at the Nifty levels, however,


I do see the fairness markets outperforming every other asset elegance but it couldn’t be a one-way circulate.

There might decently sharp corrections, which have to be applied to invest. I additionally see the cycles getting squeezed, as a result, increased volatility will offer investors too to e-book income and purchase lower back.

What are your pinnacle bets which can emerge as a gold?

I had been going gradually on investments last few months in view that I count on a sharp correction earlier than the subsequent move up. However, a number of my recent investments are again in Praj Industries, almost a decade after I exited.

I anticipate the 2G Ethanol Plants to take off nicely as the sector actions in the direction of green gasoline. Among others, I am invested in Dabur and Emami which I anticipate could benefit from the growth of the marketplace, way to Patanjali.

I actually have also been buying into massive cap Pharma Stocks as most of them seem to have over-reacted to the woes. Onmobile Global is a risky guess but I see the Telecom ancillary appearing better in an ever-increasing telecom marketplace that is to be had at a reduction to its corporation cost.

Who is your funding guru?

I don’t have any funding guru. I accept as true with that investment technique to be adopted is very personal – in the feel what may go for me need not work for you.

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