Creating a ‘waqf’ gateway in Southeast Asia

Creating a 'waqf' gateway in Southeast Asia 1

Lately, the idea of reviving and improving the governance of waqf (religious endowment) institutions has taken middle level.

The following strategies could be adopted in a concerted effort employing waqf stakeholders in Southeast Asia.

First is the need to set up a database of waqf residences via a comprehensive survey. Current facts on waqf assets in Southeast Asia are not comprehensive enough.

In 2012 Syed Khalid Rashid of India, a leading scholar on waqf, called for a comprehensive survey of waqf belongings to enable their effective control. Waqf administrators can’t control waqf houses efficiently under their price without understanding the exact info of waqf property, including its quantity, nature, fee, profits (if any), item, and financial conditions, and so forth.

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Currently, statistics on waqf are best acquired through registration, which is absolutely exceptional with surveys. Only precise information on waqf belongings ought to assist the authorities in formulating effective strategies, guidelines, and guidelines in growing the assets to appeal to potential investors to broaden them. Thus, a survey of waqf property would be the catalyst in growing a database of waqf belongings, critical to acquiring successful improvement and governance within the destiny.

Second is the need to provoke a bibliography of waqf literature in Southeast Asia. For research on the topic, a comprehensive waqf bibliography is wanted, especially vital works produced in Indonesia, which won’t be available to students hailing from the outdoor. Previously, there has been a try to submit a bibliography of waqf literature in this area, and that become confined most effective to Indonesia and Malaysia through the works executed by using Syed Khalid Rashid on bibliography and review of waqf literature produced in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia for 30 years from 1977-2007.

Recently, the Indonesian scholar Tati Rohayati reviewed the bibliography on waqf studies in Indonesia for 15 years, from 2000 to 2016. However, she said the look became constrained to the material that she could get right of entry to from libraries or Google Scholar.

For such complete paintings that are time-eating and really pricey, the collaboration between the students, research centers, and the associated government is wanted. The result of this project will, in reality, improve the literature on waqf and create first-rate public recognition, which might appeal to greater interest and involvement from huge-ranging sectors to increase and revive waqf within the area.

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The subsequent pressing step is reviving the Southeast Asia Waqf Forum and organizing a joint research middle to observe improved waqf properties in Southeast Asia. In 2011, for the duration of the international symposium on waqf in Jakarta, at the same time, prepared by way of the Indonesian Waqf Board, Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation, and Islamic Research and Training Institute – Islamic Development Bank, the Southeast Asia Waqf Forum become hooked up.

Unfortunately, now not an awful lot of statistics is to be had on how this forum has managed to gain its goals in conducting everyday waqf meetings or the collaborations among member international locations.

The time has come to restore this discussion board and to set up joint research on waqf.

Finally, waqf stakeholders ought to discover applicable neighborhood awareness. Much significance was given to the organization of waqf within the past in Southeast Asia. Similar organization to waqf included human serang in Banten, Tanah paceman in Lombok, pusako Tinggi in Minangkabau and wake-up in Aceh.

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It is important to recognize the local establishments and their working structure to study why such establishments existed, how they will be sustained and how they could gain society. For instance, the institution of wake-up in Aceh became very a hit due to its famous-tiered shape. Every waqf property in Aceh consists of elements, the first wake-up and removing Sara.

On the one hand, wake-up is the introduction of waqf homes inside the shape of land for preferred or unique functions and can be utilized to build a faculty or mosques and many others. The removing Sara or supporting land in the form of agricultural land helps the expenditure of the waqf residences created to make certain its productivity and sustainability for future years. After making important modifications to fit the modern state of affairs, this version can be followed and replicated in gift times.

It is certainly an interesting time for waqf development that might pave the manner for waqf to regain its popularity as an important institution and subsequently play a widespread role in social and monetary improvement.

A Humorous Look at Traveling and Living In Southeast Asia

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