6 Steps to get your home short-term rental ready

With short-term holiday rental sites like Homestay, Airbnb, and Roomorama growing in popularity, it is evident that travelers are not just looking for a basic hotel room or just a bed.

Travelers who prefer a ‘live like a local’ experience often choose to rent a private room or an entire apartment for their stay in rural escapes and inner-city breaks alike.

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So, before you list your space on these websites, pay consideration to these tips to help ensure that your space is ready for short-term rentals.

Clear all clutter

While the priority might be to leave your home completely spic and span, but any traveler renting through a short rental website may be looking to unpack and feel at home as soon as they reach.

You thus need to provide the guest with plenty of drawer and cupboard space. You must hence ensure that your personal belongings are neatly stored away. While you do not need to empty the apartment entirely, ensure that your belongings do not cause your guests any discomfort.

Your privacy and the privacy of your guests

Renting your property will expose your property, the furniture and other belongings to strangers. If you are uncomfortable with the idea, choose against it. If you are living in the same home and renting out a private room, you must be prepared to engage with your guests while also respecting their privacy. You may share a meal or suggest to them what to do in town.

Clear communication

To avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is best you communicate with your guests regularly before and during their stay at your property. Convey to them any reservations you may have to pets, outside guests, or if you have a no party policy for the property. Read the guest requirements and confirm it with the guest over a call. If you are renting out the entire space, you may want to meet your guests on arrival and show them around to make them feel at home.

Location, location, location

For the property to be rented out quickly, it needs to be located somewhere that allows guests to explore their surrounding easily. If the property is not located in a central neighborhood, it should have public transport access and it must be stated clearly on the website and you may want to offer spare public transport cards to ease the trip for the guests who book your property.

Keep on top of any safety issues

You do not want the guests to harm themselves while staying in your apartment and you definitely want to avoid all legal hassles. It is thus best to check that all security features are in working condition and check for any safety hazard before renting out the place.

Add a personal touch

While the apartment should be kept well tamed and clean, it must also make the guests feel welcome and at home. You could offer a welcome note with an area guide helping your guests explore the town. You could also offer them a personalized hamper of local delicacies or something that adds a personal touch and conveys the warmth to your guests.