A day after Dera Sacha Sauda head Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, changed into convicted in a 15-yr-antique rape case, the police and safety forces remained on a complete alert inside the district.
The protection forces have also accomplished a flag march in various components of the town and heavy police pressure changed into deployed on the Hanuman Chowk, Bibi Wala avenue, Ajit Road, Bhagu avenue, Mansa over bridge, Paras Ram Nagar, and Partap Nagar areas.

Bathinda Deputy Commissioner Diprava Lakra said nowadays that no violence was pronounced in the district. “We have arrested eight accused nowadays for an unfavorable public property,” he said.
On the alternative hand, the police were probing the 35 suspects arrested the day before this for destructive public assets after the dera verdict. If everyone is determined guilty, action might be taken against them, the DC state.

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The district management has also started the listing of places where dera followers had broken public assets. After that, the listing might be sent to the national government because the Punjab and Haryana High Court have directed to recover all harm expenses from the dear government.
Besides, the district administration will choose curfew and, after the next day in an evaluation assembly between senior police and civil officials.
The DC and SSP Naveen Singla nowadays visited various district components, such as Salabatpura, the country headquarters of Dera Sacha Sauda, and checked the state of affairs.

Bathinda has registered HURTS  cases against MORE  ninety-eight premises, and eight CHINA  of them have been arrested today.


In the primary case, the Kotwali police have booked Sunil Kumar of the Mini-Secretariat street, Bathinda, and Rohit Kataria of Homeland Enclave and 12 unidentified accused of the expenses of upsetting others for assault and for possessing sharp weapons and bottles of petrol.
The accused have been booked under Sections 143,144, 153-A, 153-B, 188, 436, and 511 of the IPC.

The Bathinda Sadar police have booked 27 accused, inclusive of 12 unidentified men and women, at the prices of scary others, of which 5 of the accused had been arrested.
The arrested accused were diagnosed as Gurdev Singh of Harbans Nagar, Bathinda, Harjeevan Singh of Bajak village, Gurmail Singh and Vedh Chand, residents of Chigge Kalan village, and Kaka Singh of Buladhewala. All of them were sent on six-day police remand.

IG, Bathinda Zone, MS China, said the primary accused Gurdev Singh, a member of the 45 committees of Dera Sacha Sauda, within the Balluana railway station burning incident, has been arrested, and the police had recovered a pistol and petrol bombs from the accused.
The IG said Gurdev also worried about a clash among Sikhs, and dear fans passed off. The different accused could be arrested soon.
SSP Singla said all accused could be arrested shortly as that they had were given some CCTV camera photos and investigation changed into on inside the depend.

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