The kitchen is one of the most crucial areas of a house. There is nothing more charming than a small kitchen, but making full use of that kitchen with stylish and intelligent designs can be tricky. You have to bring out practical designs to accommodate your baking as well as cooking needs. Space is the main crunch when it comes to small kitchens. You want your kitchen to be an island with a range of cookers and dining items. Some of you might want to cram guests around. However, it is not always necessary to drab it with anything and everything. All your wishes for your kitchen can come true if you follow these few golden tips. These tips shall maximize every spare inch and provide you with an ample amount of space.


Try to maximize space by putting a window ledge, shelf, or recess to work by adding baskets and use bottles, packets, or herbs in the pot for storage purposes. Baskets are another way to store various kinds of condiments. They can easily be carried to the dining area in one trip.


You can make multiple uses of your kitchen cart rack rather than putting up towels that look shabby and cluttered. You can put up your Pan and Pan lids on those racks as they look more beautiful, streamlined, and polished.


A lot of times, you tend to clutter and tuck things inside the cabinet. However, you might not always need to tuck everything away. You can put your cutting boards on display. Use such cutter pieces for décor. They look as if it’s a piece of artwork rather than messy. Further, you can buy some command hooks and hand your pots and pans on unused walls. Arrange them in ascending order and give your kitchen a different definition of creation. You can also hang in pots and pans from the ceilings, freeing space from the cabinets. Ceiling to floor cabinets is another way to make storage. Not only will it look stylish but it will also give you more room to store whatever you need.


In case you cram guests in the kitchen for dining. You can always install some small benches and storage under it. Breakfast nooks not only take up less space but also under the seat cushions; you can store your other items. This will enable you to store more things without making your kitchen look disorganized.


Suppose you tend to eat in your kitchen. You will not always have the option to fit large tables. Folding furniture can then come to your rescue. You can unfold it when you have to use it and fold it back when not in use. Furthermore, the edge of the kitchen counter or window ledge can be morphed into eating spaces and coupled with few stylish high pedestal stools.


Wouldn’t it be easy if you could use what you need and roll it away when you are not using it? Island cart is that wheeled cart with shelves containing all the utensils and stuff you need while cooking. All you have to do is roll it away to a corner when you are done with the cooking.

Cooking is art but making the most of your small kitchen space is also an Art. So use these small tips to create your dream space.

John F. Clark

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