Tips to Hire a Deck Builder

A good way to utilize that outdoor space of yours is to make a deck out of it. Having the perfect deck would give you a great place to relax, as well as entertain guests. It also adds to the value of your home. Finding the right contractor, wherein you get the deal of your choice and whose style matches your taste, can be tricky. Here are a few tips you must consider while hiring a deck builder.

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  1. Check reviews

It the most essential step in hiring a contractor for your deck. You must always ask your friends, family and colleagues about their contractors. Word of mouth is considered to be the most reliable source.

You should also do a little research yourself. The more informed you are about the process, the more likely it is that you would be able to make the right decisions. Check online reviews on the shortlisted contractors. You can ask the contractor for the contact details for his previous clients and talk to them. You might also want to take a look at their previous projects. Make sure the deck builders you are considering are licensed.

  1. Develop a Solid Plan

Firstly, draw a clear image of how you want your deck to look like. Do not rush into the deck building process without a clue. You must at least have a rough idea of how the end result must look like. If you are yourself not sure, you would never be able to convey your ideas to your builder. It is essential that you and your builder devise a plan together, wherein he makes sure that all your desires are fulfilled. The two of you must sit together and develop a layout plan, determine any special features that you want, materials to be used and the scope of your budget.

You must also have a comfortable relationship with your contractor. A good contractor would make sure to involve you in all the decisions.

  1. Compare and Interview Deck Builders

Once you have shortlisted the deck builders, hold a meeting with each one of them. Don’t just pick any one randomly. The key points to keep in mind while comparing all the contractors are licensing and insurance, reference, online reviews, quotes, experience in your style of project, etc. Make sure that the deck builder you choose is not uptight and rigid.

  1. Follow-up on the Information Gathered

Once you’ve interviewed every contractor on your list, its time for the follow up. Contact the references provided by the deck builder and ask them about their overall experience. If the builder fails to give any references, you might want to re-think about him. Before finalizing, be doubly sure about his licensing and see which deck builder suits your budget.

  1. Signing the Contract

This is the last step in the hiring process. Once you’ve decided on the contractor, get the copy of the insurance and license information, ask for any hidden fees or charges in the project and a complete breakdown of pricing, and only then sign the contract. Make sure you understand each part of the contract.

In addition, an experienced deck builder would make sure to meet the deadlines and would also provide you some sort material warranty and service guarantee.


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