early 40 penny stocks rose up to 500% in 2017

early 40 penny stocks rose up to 500% in 2017 1

Who wouldn’t like money doubling in a count number of months compared to years if kept in a seat deposit? There is an announcing which goes, and the rising tide takes everything better. For Indian markets, the gush of liquidity has taken many shares better across marketplace caps.

The rally becomes extra suggested in small and mid-cap areas and penny stocks which saw many shares doubling in a reply of months upon. It is an accurate signal for traders preserving the inventory but no longer an extraordinary signal if it isn’t always sponsored through basics.

There is some other category of shares which analysts advise buyers’ to live far from – Bhangaar Cap.


This section comprises stocks that often have defective commercial enterprise fashions.

“I prefer handiest mid-cap shares. The percentage of large-cap becoming a multi-bagger is less as compared to mid-caps. Also, mid-caps upward push faster. By the manner, there’s one extra category that’s ‘Bhangaar Cap’ which one desires to discover them and hold away,” Vijay Kedia, handling director at Kedia Securities, informed Moneycontrol.

There are many single-digit stocks — no longer they all are the Bhangaar cap, by any approach — that have extra than doubled for the reason that begins of 2017. For simplicity, we have taken shares quoting below Rs 20 and feature now more than doubled.

Nearly forty stocks greater than doubled to surrender to 500 percentage go back to the year 2017.

Stocks that rose consist of names like Padmalaya Tele, which rose 496 percentage, observed by C&C Construction which won 318 percentage, Magnum Ventures rallied 237 percent, and Toyama Industries was up 203 percentage amongst others.

This is the list of penny stocks that have finished actually well. Please word: Moneycontrol does no longer in any way categorize them as ‘Bhangaar shares.’ We are simply flagging their sturdy overall performance.

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But, are these shares a smart purchase at contemporary degrees? Not precisely, advise experts. A fine, those stocks will be a trading play and not a funding play. One robust motive which investors must component in before making a funding bet in those organizations is liquidity.

The buying and selling volumes are shallow in the maximum of the penny shares, which sometimes becomes a curse for buyers who want to exit from the stock or e-book profits.

Investors will be higher off investing in stocks that have  risen  sound fundamentals  penny,



solid business version, dynamic management, and boom.

“Indeed, such shares are wealth destroyers, and consequently, they’re referred to as Bhangaar stocks due to the fact, in the end, they have to be bought off worthless. Getting the enterprise going takes loads of efforts, crew paintings, and proper form of the model to create money,” Jimenez Modi, CEO, SAMCO Securities, told Moneycontrol.

“Most stocks aren’t worthy of investments. There are some exceptions to this rule. However, this is very uncommon. Investors should, of their great long-time hobby avoid such Bhangaar stocks. The returns generated are engaging at the first example, but on a deeper look at, most of the people are penny stocks which have a market cap less than Rs 50 to Rs one hundred crores,” he said..H,-,

For instance, Modi quoted that Padmalya Tele recorded yearly sales of just Rs 2 crore, which command a marketplace cap of Rs 12 Cr. The stock has given 500 percentage returns. Similarly, C&C Construction has nearly wiped off its equity and loose reserves. However, it has a large debt of Rs 2400 crore; the enterprise commands a market cap of Rs 163 crore.

Trading stocks online or trading stocks and shares is a common phenomenon in today’s stock trading segment. Although it is a common phenomenon around the world for a few, it is still a mystery. Many still perceive creating an online trading account, buying and selling stocks, and constantly tracking your investment as a herculean task. To get over such perceptions, the first and foremost thing you must know is to read a lot about markets and their movements. Besides reading, getting in touch with online stockbrokers who have ample knowledge of trading and managing stocks would benefit beginners.

After acquiring knowledge on stocks and getting in touch with online brokers, it is always necessary to have ample information on stocks you are investing in. To get enough information about various companies, their stocks, and their prospectus, you got to know a few tips on trading stocks online. Let us look forward to a few tricks or steps you have to follow if you are a beginner. It would help if you started your online trading with research and analysis. Research and analyze the companies that are flourishing and the companies that are moving downwards. By this research, you will be equipped with enough knowledge on stocks fluctuations and can easily identify the future prospectus of shares of respective companies. This step should be a rule of thumb for both beginners and experienced online traders, as this would lead them to choose the right stock.

Once you are done with research and analysis of stocks next step must be quite tedious for the beginners


but cannot go further without this. It would be best to get an idea of fundamental and technical analyses of stocks as these analyses are the sole runners of any stock market. Once you get knowledge on fundamental and technical analyses of stocks, the next step is to understand the choices of an online stockbroker and an investor like you. The traders choose a stock that is profitable for both the company and the client. But this should not be the case with the investors. The investor must choose a stock that is profitable and which can maximize

Many corporations which might be still beneath Rs 100 crore marketplace cap are struggling and finding their toes. The returns that such enterprise generates are nothing but a mirage; they’re by no means realized; however, they remain on paper simplest, which in the end becomes worthless.

In the final two to a few weeks, Sensex declined through 5 percentage simultaneously as S&P BSE Mid-cap & Small-cap have been down through 7 percent from the best-ever high to the latest low, thanks to valuations which are trading nicely above long term averages.

The valuations of a number of the small and mid-cap shares have handed that of long-term averages; as a result, any knee-jerk response may want to reason more damage inside the broader marketplace, propose experts.

“Mid-cap shares have a propensity to outperform the benchmarked via multiple instances. It’s now not unexpected to peer the five hundred percent go back. At this movement, it is not recommendable to have this stock in your portfolio because it’s already overbought,” Dyaneshwar Padwal – AVP – Technical Analysis, KIFS Trade Capital, informed Moneycontrol.

“There are three basic things to be taken into consideration with the aid of each investor at the same time as trading in small-cap stocks – management of the company, market cap, and turnover,” he said.

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