Breathtaking Homecoming Hair│

5 Glamorous Looks for Homecoming Hair!

Homecoming is something that every high school girl looks forward to from the first day of school. While it’s not as fancy as a prom, you still want your homecoming hair to look its best. One of the best things about homecoming is that it is open to every grade level so you get to celebrate Homecoming season with all of your schoolmates.

Lots of girls will book a salon day for their homecoming while others opt for simple styles they can do at home. The choice is yours and of course you want your homecoming hair to match your homecoming attire!

Browse this site to find pretty styles for homecoming hair and get ready to have a night to remember!

5 Gorgeous Styles for Homecoming Hair

1. Messy High Bun

If you don’t want to go to a hair salon, or simply don’t have the time as you will be engaging in all the fun homecoming festivities, you can try this messy high bun. Simply twist your long tresses into a high bun and leave some loose tendrils out to softly frame your face. A messy bun is ideal as it by its very name, it can indeed be messy! You can dress it up with a pretty hair accessory such as barrette or hair clip.

2. Twisted Hairstyle With Knots

This twisted updo is a bit more intricate but it is absolutely gorgeous! You can braid and/or twist your hair into a low updo and pin it at the nape of your neck. This look is full of texture with all the twist, turns and knots. And it is perfect for thick hair! Some simple beads or jewels strategically placed through will make this hairstyle pop or you could wave in some babys breath or delicate flowers if you so choose.

3. Low Bun With Leaves

For those with mid length hair who still want to sport an elegant updo, a low bun is perfect! Draw your hair back into a loose bun or chignon and top it off with a gorgeous Fall accessories, such as these jeweled leaf clips. Always leave a few loose pieces by your face for a soft and romantic flair.

4, Messy Wavy Half-Up

Can’t decide if you want to wear your long locks up or down? Why not go for a pretty half updo? Separate your hair into 2 sections, top and bottom and style both into a loose braid or twist. Pin up the top half in an updo and let the other braid or twist cascade gracefully down your back or over to one shoulder. Leave some volume on top to add some height. Dress it up with a fancy hair clip like the one shown below to give it some bling.

5. Rope Braid Updo

Braids are so versatile in that they can be fun and casual or elegant and formal. Braid your thick tresses into a thick rope braid staring at the crown and then tie it in the back in a low bun. Tug on the side of the braid to give it a slightly messy look. Leave some of your hair down on the sides to frame your face for a chic and sophisticated vibe..

We hope that we have inspired you with these looks for homecoming hair! Now get out there and have a night to remember with your friends and classmates!