Ancient Greek Atomic Science Was About Mothers and Their Babies

Ancient Greek Atomic Science Was About Mothers and Their Babies 1

Once upon a long time in the past, living in ancient Egypt had its excellent times and its bad instances. Some scribes wrote that during the good times, kindness within the own family appeared to increase the capability of Egyptians to get the maximum out of life. Egyptian pyramid developers had to know about the stuff of geometry, and the scribe found out that there were varieties of geometry. One sort changed into approximately dead such as stone pyramids, and the alternative type became approximately dwelling emotions. The feeling stuff was distinctive because it can be used to think about thoughts that went on for all time, at the same time as the lifeless stuff did no longer. The living geometry turned into used to try to determine out about the sensation stuff belonging to the geometry that went on for all time. They called that the sacred geometry of the immortal soul.

Ancient Greek Atomic Science Was About Mothers and Their Babies 2

We know a chunk about this challenge as it changed into used to explain the that means of ancient Egyptian artwork that has been painted for the duration of the 1st Kingdom of Egypt. Egyptian writings in stone tell us that about 4000 years ago, a terrible drought wore out the first Kingdom, and 100 years later, the human beings restored authorities returned to life. However, new policies applied, the geometry used to explain mercy, compassion, and justice had to be used to put ideas into political regulation. We would possibly talk to the people doing this as belonging to a form of mystery faculty. Some Greeks, along with our antique school friend Pythagoras, went to Egypt to examine more approximately the secrets of these Mystery Schools.

After a while, several Greek Universities had been installing to parent out extra approximately the everlasting mysteries. The historic Greeks delivered greater desirable ideas to those of mercy, compassion, and justice, such as love, freedom, and truth. In geometry, all of these ideas needed to balance to correctly remedy political and clinical troubles. Things were given more and more complex, and the universities determined to invent a technology devoted to the living stuff and the good judgment approximately the lifeless stuff. Their life-technology became referred to as the Science for Ethical Ends. The idea of precision and evil become sorted out. Good becomes approximately the health of the universe, and evil becomes found out to be the unfavorable property of unformed count within the atom. Those Greeks had been getting so clever they found out a way to measure how tons the earth weighed and how some distance away it became from the sun and that they had found out some quite high-quality stuff about atoms.

Pythagoras found out approximately The Music of the Spheres, that as the moon and stars moved about, they sang a form of song that would be heard through the atoms transferring approximately inside people. This kind of musical communique among celestial bodies and small atoms is widely known these days, and it is a bit like the verbal exchange pressure that shatters a wine glass while singing a high observe. The moon could be considered to influence the woman’s fertility cycle, and therefore, the celestial track might constitute technological know-how to explain a mum’s love and compassion for children.

All the moral stuff had to be placed into a scientific technology to guide the ennobling government. People should discover ways to evolve to emerge as properly sufficient to act for the coolest of the spiritual universe. Spiritual in that historical, technological know-how referred to fashionable-day spooky holographic stuff, anyhow, by using being true, that is, by being concerned for the holographic environment, humans may want to grow to be godlike and keep away from extinction from the evil living within the atom. This technology turned into the technology of normal love, and its instructors have been called Saviours, saving humanity from atomic evil. It turned into taught all through Italy at some point of the 1st Century BCE, and Cicero, the Roman Historian, complained that it changed into now not suitable for Roman rule.

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The science of commonplace love became an odd concept, approximately a whirling pressure that pulled little bits of cloth together to make worlds, which we understand nowadays was an attempt to explain the effects of gravity. As nicely as this, the whirling force referred to as the Nous turned into thought to adapt intelligence within the universe. It turned into the notion that after the Nous had created elements of the universe, it went away to create more parts, leaving people to conform as a part of usual creation. The idea of exact being for the fitness of the universe and that human beings ought to, in a few mysterious manners, emerge as answerable for such goodness became a supply of intense have a look at for numerous hundred years until the Romans burnt down the Great Library of Alexandria and most of the historic scrolls had been misplaced

Ancient Greek Atomic Science Was About Mothers and Their Babies 3

Attempts to rediscover the lost science became known as the Renaissance. Things got right into a pleasant antique pickle inflicting the greatest medical mix-up conceivable. The Knights Templar dug up a number of the historic scrolls from beneath a temple in Jerusalem and decided that Jesus Christ changed into the greatest teacher of the lost science. Loads of years later, The President of America, Thomas Jefferson, wrote his very own Bible approximately it. The East India Company sent Charles Darwin on a voyage to find the secrets of evolution. He came lower back to jot down that the universe became dominated by the equal medical laws that governed the strolling of steam engines. Albert Einstein’s concept became an excellent idea, and science became so ridiculous that it had become impossible to even think scientifically about the magical importance of a younger mother’s love for her baby.

The international had long gone chasing after cash, the stupid science that we got stuck with, is falling into a mess inflicting an international financial confusion. Recently the ancient technological know-how of nonsecular reality has been photographed running in the human DNA. We look at the risk of changing into some robot-dominated shape via bits of infinite governmental forms to fill out. Scientists are trying to measure the loving forces that come into play between a mum and her infant all around the arena. Einstein’s steam engine regulation, considering that after all the warmness within the universe receives misplaced into the cold area, all life ought to be destroyed, is no longer considered a complete photograph of the whole lot. The girl-loving pressure does no longer allows for that to show up at all.

Ancient Greek Atomic Science Was About Mothers and Their Babies 4

The first-rate aspect of the brand new science struggling to emerge from an international of greed is that a brand new medical science has been created with the aid of a number of the world’s finest scientists. A mother’s love and compassion are so important to destiny human survival that the historical mysteries are upgraded into new technological know-how. Still, as moms become aware of their significance, the paranormal tune of life can now be measured by sensitive contraptions. Already plans are in life primarily based upon a mom’s lullaby to her babe, to be placed right into a laptop recreation quite the other to the existing laptop video games of violence and destruction, so that the business leaders benefit probably capable of stability their corporations.

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